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All services are customized to the style, mission, and goals of each client while serving all communities.

Optimized & Responsive Websites

Optimized & Responsive Websites – 95%+ of your viewers will be viewing your website and social media platforms from the phone and tablets. Its essential that it’s functioning precisely with committed branding and design.

ADA Compliance

Over 58 million persons in the US are operating electronic devices and legally and morally companies have a great need to become inclusive.  We offer web accessibility testing to provide your customers and employees with disabilities a seamless user experience on your website.  Followed by all needed website development/design to implement the needed changes.

Diversity .  Inclusivity  .  Equity

Get Lagos Now consults companies on the ways their branding, imaging, content, website and services are presented inclusive, diverse and thoughtfully equal.  We create relevant and diverse marketing all customers. We listen and engage with our diverse communities. And we value teamwork with our diverse suppliers and teammates.

Organic SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is Internet Marketing that involves the promotion of the site by increasing visibility in the search engines through optimization and advertising. Ideally, these actions and campaigns are also tracked with analytic tactics to secure ROI.


Brand Building is an integral part of personal and business development.  It gives identity and worth of the brand while also increasing consumer and public awareness. You must – Define Your Brand. Position Your Brand. Personalize Your Brand.

Mission + Values + Visions

Content Management

Optimized Content Management is best created and utilized when its goals are clearly defined.  The following questions must be answered:  Where will the content be used? What are the desired results of that content? What is the call-to-action? Whom do I want this content to reach?  How will the results be tracked? And how does the visuals align and give the POW!

Website Services

   WordPress/CMS /PHP Development   ·    Splash / Landing pages   ·   Data-driven websites

 Theme Customizations   ·   E-Commerce / Shopping Carts / Online Payments  ·  Membership Websites

Square Space  · Business Directory / Listings   ·   Mobile-Friendly 


Google-Certified    Website     Organic       Technical

Strategic Digital Advertising & Marketing – Company Assessments & Implementation

Strategic Digital Marketing includes analysis and assessment of existing campaign strategies, as well as recommendations and implementation of new strategies/tactics. Research that allows you to better gauge competition, trends, and the populations you want to market.

Affiliate Campaigns

Generating affiliate links as well the account setup and analysis, to determine performance results and the needed strategies for negotiations and techniques various platforms and companies should use to maximum exposure and results.

Market Research

Market Research allows you to gain a greater understanding of what your audience and competitors are doing regionally, nationally, and/or internationally. Data collected is used to strategically create paid media and social campaigns that garner results.

Audience Growth

Expand your audience and network to the decision-makers and buyers. Make sure your digital and social marketing efforts are being seen by the right audience and connect to the ones that will grow your business.

Paid Marketing Campaigns with ROI (Return on Investment)

Digital marketing campaigns with branded ads that are managed and optimized for success that will reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message nationally/internationally.

Non-Profit Campaign Initiative

Very specific Marketing and Advertising Plan that focuses on the strategies and goals of a particular organizational need or event.  In this instance, our efforts are solely focused on the success and strategies of the initiative, opposed to overall organizational Marketing and Advertising plans.

Social Media Management & Social Influencer Identification

Social Media Management includes social listening, content calendars, content creation, follower growth and social media channel analysis. Social Influencer Identification helps you identify your industry’s top social influencers showcased in a report. Research includes number of followers, follower engagement, consistency of posts covering industry topics and competitor relationships.

Advertising & Marketing

Influencer Marketing    Market Research    Audience Development Advertising    Blogs    Content Writing    Podcast Ads     Paid Social Media Campaigns    Google Ad & Analytics     Social Media Management   Facebook  Instagram  YouTube   Tik Tok Twitter LinkedIn   Google Business 

Graphic design that assures all visuals capture the vision, deliver the message, and hit THE Target!