Energy Efficiency Portfolio

  • CLEAResult – Current Marketing Strategy, Ad campaigns, branding, content/copywrite and graphic solutions 2022 – 2023.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon – In alignment with CLEAResult working on Marketing Strategy, Ad campaigns branding content/copywriting and graphics for the residential dept. and Smart Thermostat solutions. Currently: One of the two website development teams working on the Energy Trust websites – WordPress, PHP custom development, integrations.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon – UX-UI Report and testing for the Home Assessment Survey for Residential Customers – 2023
  • Energy Trust of Oregon – DIY Social Media reports 2022 & 2023
  • Green NW – Website development/design/branded/content launched 10/2023 –

8.30.2023 – Launched the NEW Oregon Association of Conservation District’sSoil Health & Carbon Emissions website

                       See client showcase and testimonial HERE

  • ESS Inc./Wilsonville – Iron flow and non-hazardous Hydro battery solution that gives a 4-12 hrs. charge with a 25 yr. shelf-life of commercial storage solution. 2 year contracted website development/design/hosting/rebrand/content management/system management/market strategy/marketing campaigns working in alignment with the assigned ESS team and also their contracted PR team that specialize in energy efficiency, robotics, AI, technology.

  • Pixel Interconnect/ Hillsboro & Japan – LCD, OLED assembly & Repair, OGS Touchscreens, Film Lamination and conductive film bonding (Complete rebrand, complete website rebuild and redesign, which includes content, graphics, online platform branding, video editing and the opening of new platforms such as YouTube, after rebuild it will move to social media campaigns.
  • Earthfort – Corvallis(specialty agriculture focusing on soil microbiology – new product dev, marketing strategy, marketing campaigns).
  • ITS ConGlobal  (World’s largest reseller of used shipping containers) marketing strategy, marketing and advertising animation videos/campaigns which includes video campaigns/editing – – content, marketing and ad visuals, audience development and interaction.
  • CleanTech – The largest Clean Technology Accelerator program in the world. (provide strategy consulting, digital advertising campaigns which includes display.
  • Pacific Scale – Oregon’s oldest commercial scale company that services companies such as Bob’s Red Mill and more.  We designed, built and managed the current website and all account related to it – hosting, domain, premium plugins, etc.

We currently also provide continual website design/development/graphic design/marketing research/marketing campaigns/digital advertising/Audience analysis, development and influencing monthly to PNW roofing, general/industrial contractors, landscape development, security systems, and commercial electrical companies.  Such as

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