June Client Showcase – Medical Teams International

What services does our organization provide?

Going where we’re needed most, we ease the suffering of those devastated by crises. We mobilize staff and volunteers quickly – entering places of turmoil, disease and natural disaster – to save lives and leave communities healthier. We care for the hurting in front-line clinics, refugee camps and remote villages. In places where mothers and babies are dying. Where outbreaks threaten to overtake entire communities. Where local health systems are overwhelmed or non-existent. https://www.medicalteams.org/how-we-heal


Currently, Medical Teams has pivoted the entire organization to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We provide screenings, testing, and emergency dental care in the Pacific Northwest, and provide medical care around the world.



Why do we work with Get Lagos Now?

We faced a number of challenges making updates to our website so that we could keep it secure and performing well. Get Lagos Now has worked diligently to help us overcome these challenges.



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