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Your Top SEO Needs in 2020

Writer – Michelle Lagos CEO    Yes, it’s time to look at your annual SEO needs in 2020 to set your optimization into the optimum.  It’s always important to understand that Search Engines are constantly changing and the bag of SEO tricks you are using, that may have set forth effective results 1-2 years ago […]

January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7

Writer –  Michelle Lagos CEO   This is just a friendly reminder that on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. This means that Microsoft will not update,  fix or support software, nor handle security or technical issues for Windows 7.    Sorry to add a stronger splash of reality to the […]

Be Inclusive. Let’s give forward and back.

  Writer –  Michelle Lagos CEO   Donating money can definitely be one effective way to give back but isn’t the only way.  Let’s look at ways to give forward and back to our local communities.  This can be done well by looking at investing equal time, resources, and energy to those moving forward and […]

Is your website compliant? Assure that all-ability persons can easily navigate it.

  Writer –  Michelle Lagos CEO   Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act is being interpreted to include websites as “places of public accommodation” Websites with significant inaccessible components can be seen as discriminatory against persons with disabilities, in violation of Title III of the ADA The ADA is a strict liability law […]

The Consumer’s Shopping Journey

Author ~ Melissa Slavsky A Consumer’s Shopping Journey is a lot like a shoe: It’s not one size fits all. Each one of us bases our purchasing decisions on different things. Some of us are company and brand loyalists, so our decision path is quite short. Some prefer to only purchase what is on sale, […]

Why buy the SSL Certificate for your website???

    Writer –  Michelle Lagos CEO       Don’t have an SSL Certificate? Google is going to flag your website as Unsafe! We turn to the internet for everything! From selling to buying, to signing up for sales and tips, so understand SECURITY is EVERYTHING.    On July 2018 Google decided to flag all […]