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  Author – Michelle Lagos CEO




So, let’s answer the question on one of the important ways you can increase your organic SEO.


YES.  YES.  YES.  Paid Google Search and Advertising campaigns are VERY important but Google also gives you a tool that will GREATLY increase your SEO, if you use it correctly and consistently, for FREE.



#1  Photos – Google gives you the option to place photos in your account.  Do place the 10 best show-stopping ones at the beginning, to nicely show the branding and services of the company, but then continue to add 100+ and update them regularly, so your company visuals are spreading out all over the internet.  It will drive audiences back to your Google page and also your website – as preferred.

#2  Business Information – Do make sure your website and phone number is connected to your account,  so both are just a quick click away.

#3 Write Blogs – Write blogs and post the link into the account.  They will be showcased throughout the internet as well.  For example, see the above attachment area titled “Stay connected during COVID-19.”

#4 Have a address – Being placed on Google Maps does increase your SEO.

#5 Posting Videos URLs – Inside the account you will have the option, like the photos, to add blog URLs to company YouTube links.  DO!

#6 REVIEWS  – Don’t be shy, ask for the reviews from your clients. These reviews allow other potential clients to understand your business offerings and expertise, while increasing your SEO.  These reviews can also be turned into advertising campaigns and placed on your website that’s linked back to your Google page, to allow others to see more.  For example ours can be viewed HERE.


Wishing you and your teams MUCH success. Please CONTACT US with more SEO questions and look for more SEO Blogs this year!